Can you answer my question?

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Today I slept from 12 noon to 8pm. I have a very early morning job and I just can’t seem to get or maintain a healthy and regular sleep schedule. How do I get on a healthy sleep schedule and stick to it?

We have found that this site gives a pretty innovative solution. Let us know if it works.

Please allow me to first state that this is not a medical question. I may or may not have an STI - I have an appointment to get checked. If so, how do I tell my recent partners? I know how to contact them, but we are acquaintances at best, so what do you think I should say if it turns out I do?

Truly, best of luck, Diner. Try consulting this site.


What is considered a healthy amount of sex?

We have said in this Fortune that sex should be fun and consensual from beginning to end. If it stops being that, then it is unhealthy. Otherwise, make sure to drink plenty of water.


I’m falling in like with this guy, and I think it’s mutual. We have fun talking, and there’s great sexual chemistry, but he has a girlfriend. He’s made it clear he’s willing to cheat on her with me, and I’m tempted, but we share a lot of friends, and things could get weird. Plus the guilt of possibly breaking up this (as far as I know) great relationship. Should I [enjoy] great sex, and ignore the possible consequences?

We have said many times that, as a rule, we Fortune Cookies do not judge our Diners. It seems you have already considered the consequences. If this is to be casual sex, how you describe your concerns doesn’t sound casual at all. That feeling is what you shouldn’t ignore.