How do you deal with the fear of losing a loved one?

A difficult time lies ahead, but this too shall pass.

Greetings fortune seeker,

The thing that makes life so precious is that it ends. It is difficult to say goodbye. We often don’t get the luxury of doing it how we want to, or we are selfish and want to postpone that goodbye forever, but we can’t. If you are fortunate enough to know you are losing a loved one, take the time to appreciate them and go through the emotions you need to with them. If it came as a terrible surprise still take the time to spend with your memories. While it is difficult to face that you will never make any new memories with that person, it can be comforting to know you will always have the memories you made with them. If it helps, solidify these memories by writing them down.

Everyone deals with losing a loved one differently. Some people make their peace with religious or cultural ceremonies. Others will find it helpful to spend time doing an activity that meant a lot to them and their loved ones. You can talk to others who are going through the same loss, or you can spend time alone with your thoughts about your loved one.

Most importantly, it is okay to grieve. It is okay to laugh. It is okay to feel whatever it is you need to feel. It is okay to feel one way one minute and completely the opposite the next. Sadly there is no short cut around dealing with death. You go through it. Be comforted in the knowledge that every human that has lived or will lived has shared this experience with you.

Until next time.

A. Liddell


Madame Liddell graciously prepared this Fortune for you while the Advice Fortune Cookie is entertaining guests. She has been interpreting visions since 1865. At an early age, she wrote about fantastic journeys in two books of nonsense children’s tales. To this day, there is debate as to whether she had actually been on these journeys or not.