When my brother converted and started attending church, I took the opportunity to learn about the benevolent being I always believed in.  I had a non-canonical image of this Friendly Ghost.  A Santa Claus God watched over me, and filmmaker Kevin Smith’s Buddy Christ gave me the thumbs up.  I was excited to delve into source material under the guidance of professionals.  Typical Asian nerd -- to love is to study.  But I quickly realized that Bible study was not a theology class, and sermon didn’t accommodate Q&A mid-delivery.  The Almighty God Pastor Rich preached of and the Awesome God the congregation sang about did not resemble in the slightest the God I knew.  I was confused.  The search for Truth supplanted decorum (and as a socially clueless nerd, I didn’t know better).  I asked questions addressing these inconsistencies, and the church leaders gave me scowls.  Friends passed pitiful expressions to my respectful, believing siblings.

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Geeks need love

Emboldened by a friend's willingness to put herself and her writing out there. I wanted to share with you a piece of what I've been writing for class. This is the one love scene. The rest of the story has explosions. Big ones. And Jason Statham's pecs. Big ones.

Tom's the main character. He has issues--like prescription drug use issues. Sam's his pharmacist. He's been digging on her since they met. They're standing outside the pharmacy talking after she calls him out on filling a fake scrip. They talk about how effed up they both are, and how they come from the same place, mentally. I did not base this on anyone I know, so don't worry about thinking I'm talking about you. (You think this song's about you, don't you?) Well, OK, maybe the girl looks a little like my ex girlfriend. Sue me.

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