My thoughts on compromise

I ask you:
What have you compromised to get all that you wanted?
Time for money, pride for power. Your assets you flaunted.
Keeping up with the Joneses is a merciless race.
Lease your dreams, burn your bridges, sell your soul to keep pace.
Eye on the prize, my friend, eye on the motherfucking prize
The goal, after all, is to perpetually upsize.

But at the end:
Were the ephemeral possessions all that you hoped?
Did you squander more of yourself the farther you groped?
You claw at your wallet to bribe death – if only you could –
Only to discover a hole where your heart once stood

Down below, at the ledger's last row, tied like a bow
What you’re equal to. What you’ve accrued. Everything that’s “you.”

Only *that* remains
If this is you.

Inspired by Steve Connell's: Compromise (COGNITIVE DISSONANCE)